My home network


Long time since I added an entry to my blog. Not that I haven't been busy on my home network. One of the new gadgets is a fonera router. which has been active for about a month now. I don't have a notebook or so with wireless-lan but the thought of being part of a global network of people sharing some of their bandwidth for other members is something which I like. So now I'm a linus. Join the community and you can use my router as well. It's free when you have a router as well. But for people just wanting to use the network for a day there is an option to buy day-passes.


Today I finally managed to change the cpu-fan on my server. Not that the cpu was running hot, but the noise was alarming. My server is just an old intel P3 450 on a slot 1 board. Main problem replacing the fan was a piece of plastic keeping the old fan in place. But with some brute force the now redundant plastic cover was removed and a new fan is in place. The server rebootet without problems and on the internal net every thing work just fine. But the adsl link was not working. I had disconnected the power from my adsl-modem as well. Upon reconnecting the server I just checked the status lights on the modem which indicated that everything was ok... I just power-cycled the modem again and my connection is up again. Maybe I should be looking for another modem as things are starting to fail a lot on my homenetwork.

Monitor failing

Just before our vacation my old Gateway EV700 had a problem starting. I disconnected the power and the next evening I wanted to investigate the problem, the monitor "just worked(tm)". During our vacation I had disconnected my whole "development/test machines" from power and so the monitor was not switched for some time. After our vacation I reconnected the power and my old monitor again "just worked(tm)". But when I wanted to scan a document tonight, the monitor didn't turn on. The powerled turned on, but some relais in the monitor switched on and a few seconds later switched off. But no picture.

Heythuysen finally on the map

Google added some more satellite data and now our house can be seen here.

New harddisk

I was quite unhappy about the problems with the second harddisk in my server. Today I replaced this drive. I had no problems reading the content from the old drive. No errors at all? But I certainly had problems during the week so I do not thrust that drive anymore. Another advantage is that there is a little bit more room on this drive so I can keep more photo's on disk.

Harddisk failing

My Server is having a lot of problems and is not always available. Problem is one of the harddiscs. Probably better replace this drive soon!


Just got an email from the annouce mailinglist for that they are starting a campaign to promote OpenOffice. I use OpenOffice a lot. It's for example used to produce the newsletter from our church so why not support them as well...

Get legal. Get


I've been quite busy, but not on that many things related to my home network. Still haven't found time to get asterisk running. I did manage to find out that it doesn't run with two isdn cards with a plain sarge installation. That's why I upgraded my server to the testing(etch) version of debian. But today I released some energy while demolishing a shed instead of hacking in the attic.

To much going on, but little time for my home network

I've been quite busy. We bought our house and so we no longer need to pay rent... but the bank wants to see money now. I haven't been able to do much on my home network. I got myself a couple of cheap ISDN-cards to start playing with asterisk, but still haven't found the time to start playing with them. Hopefully I will soon find time. But first we'll change the heating of our house. The old heater is 19 years old and is not efficient enough. We also want to get rid of our electric boiler. I already use enough electricity for my computers.

Twonkymedia 3.0

TwonkyVision released a new version of their Mediaserver. It's really nice to see how many devices they support. But because of the changes to the server I had to adjust my playlist website and a few init scripts I use myself. The guys from TwonkyVision supply a few scrips now as well, but I haven't found time to check them out.

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