Long time since I added an entry to my blog. Not that I haven't been busy on my home network. One of the new gadgets is a fonera router. which has been active for about a month now. I don't have a notebook or so with wireless-lan but the thought of being part of a global network of people sharing some of their bandwidth for other members is something which I like. So now I'm a linus. Join the community and you can use my router as well. It's free when you have a router as well. But for people just wanting to use the network for a day there is an option to buy day-passes. For configuring and testing the router I borrowed a notebook from the company I work for. Then I noticed the fonera router was not the only open router within range. Someone relatively close to our home has a router with no protection at all. I just couldn't resist to see if the router had its default password still set. And of course, when someone is foolish enough to leave the router open. He is also not able to change a simple password. I disconnected, but I was tempted to change the wifi settings so that the router would at least be a little bit more secure.