Strange Outlook crash

No, I still use Evolution to read my mail, but people come to me with problems they can't solve themselves. Earlier this evening a neighbour asked me for help. Outlook kept crashing and displayed a strange dialog in which it wanted to send info to Microsoft. The usual "This morning it worked, and I didn't change anything(tm) and now it crashes...

And yes, the crash was consistent. Every time Outlook was started, it crashed a few seconds later. The usual "Its windows, lets close all windows and then open them again" routine didn't help, so there really seemed to be a problem with Outlook. But a second profile I created without an email-account worked.

Then I noticed the title of the last mail. When helping people I try not to read mail. I think thats personal and none of my business. But this last mail which was selected was clearly spam. The user had the preview window enabled. I quickly disabled this preview window by starting Outlook and selecting another mail and changing the view-settings of Outlook. Now I could select the spam and delete it. Not only did the anti-spam software nothing to this mail. The virus-protection did not trigger any alarms either.

Biggest problem I have though is how Outlook just crashed on the content of a mail. I bet this mail tried to create some kind of buffer-overflow to gain control on the machine.