XS4All-Only Upgrade

My provider decided it wanted more customers using their XS4All-Only service. With XS4All-only you get an ADSL-connection with the option to cancel the normal phone subscription. I'm already using XS4All-only for more than a year now, and have already canceled my normal phone subscription.
But this time, to promote their XS4All-only service, my provider did not offer an even better modem and stuff like installation support. This time they (in my case) doubled the up- and download speeds. So now I have a 4096/1024 kBit line. The upload of 1024 is not reached though. The DSLAM is in the neighboring village so the line is too long. Removing the splitter did bring a bit more upload. Probably should redo the in-home wires to get some more result. Upload is 736 kbit now. Always better than the 512 kbit I used to have. But looking at the line, I probably need something different that ADSL if I want a bigger pipe for my server.