Imac broken

We have an iMac in our livingroom. It's small and has no fans which makes it ideal for this kind of use. I was mostly running Debian on the iMac and it was used a lot. Normally my wife would startup this small computer in the corner of our living room and use it for mail, surfing, wordprocessing and a few gnome games. The kids used it for gcompris and I used it often to check mail and connect to other machines. I would shut it down late in the evening so it would get some rest too. Now the good old machine shuts itself down. It also showed some problems with the display. Last sunday a took it apart to see that a few condensators inside were really swollen. I haven't studied electronics, but I've seen it before. It usally means that a computer turns into a paperweight. Now its almost a week later and we really miss the little machine in the corner. Better try to get another iMac for our livingroom. Perhaps a chance to upgrade to etch.