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Going to Eindhoven today to visit the Sin_QL_air meeting. Have not used my QLs for a long time, but love the old machine. Let's find out how the scene is doing after all these years. Might visit the 20 years QL aniversary in oktober as well ;-)

Back again

But still no time to hack with my new LCD Display.


Although it has been a while since my last entry. You have got to wait a little bit longer. I'm off to Norway to visit my brother in law. So you've got to wait a little bit longer before I can reveal my new LCD-Display for my server...

I Love Debian!

I have an old iMac which is used a lot just for mail and surfing the web. I really love the little machine. It has been running "woody" for a long time without any problems. But this weekend I decided that I would go ahead and get "Sarge" running on "Liz". I currently have two Intel machines already running "unstable" and would have a backup if anything would fail. But Debian ist really cool!

HP Jetdirect EX

Finally got the printer up and running again. Since the move of the server, my printer was not connected to the net. But thanks to Ebay I got myself an old HP Jetdirect EX. This device has a parallel port for the printer and an ethernet interface.

Server move

Yesterday (yes it was late) I moved my server. It used to heat up the attic and was kind of noisy. Even a bigger problem existed when we have guests. We use it as guestroom as well. So before I had to shutdown my server tonight because of Lois coming over, I decided to move Pooky. Its now heating up our entrance. The cupboard was big enough to put the server in. Just need to redo some temporary wiring. And I really need to make a few pics for the web ;-)

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Ingeborg!

Luv Ya...


Just read something about IPv6 and its use in the Far-East on Slashdot. I should try this out as well. Xs4All provides IPv6 access for its customers. But my first attempt failed. Perhaps some RTFM is required ;-)

Site improving

Ok, now points to this Drupal site. I added the Slashdot newsfeed. Cron runs only once every hour, so checking out slashdot for the latest news remains neccesary.

Theme configured

Already looking much better with theme configured. Let's get this beast on the net...

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