My home network

Goooogle Ads

Added Google Ads to my site. Lets find out if this pays back the connection costs a little bit. Google Ads are enabled on the drupal pages and on the playlist pages.

One Year

One year ago today I started this website using Drupal. This also means that I have the pleasure of a broadband connection for more than one year.

Playlist update

The Playlist PHP website I've build has been updated a bit. Most work has been done on my server although. With a small script, the songs played on my noxon are updated on the playlist pages.


Today my Noxon arrived. I've been keen on replacing my 200-CD changer by a MP3 network-enabled player for some time. The Noxon by Terratec has the advantage of being quite open to standards. This is quite important to me because I wanted to have the server software running on Linux. Another German company called TwonkyVision produces an UPnP server which not only runs on windows, but runs on a Mac an Linux as well. They offer a "light" version called MusicServer which is ok for small collections, but also provides a chance to test their product. The real thing called MediaServer provides mainly a lot more navigation aid and supports more formats. Just for the navigation the € 15,- is well spend.


Last week I decided that it would be nice to play around with IPv6. XS4ALL, my provider has a tunnelbroker for its customers and there even is a (beta) generator for a debian config. But I got quite fustrated that I couldn't get it up and running. So this morning I decided to try and ping6 the other end of the tunnel from a IPv6 enabled Shellbox my provider runs for its customers. I couldn't ping6 the end of the tunnel from this machine as well. So maybe there was nothing wrong with what I was doing after all... The tunnelbroker is an experimental service with no support so I decided to post something in a newsgroup.

No more Datalimit

My provider XS4ALL just announced the end of the datalimit on my ADSL connection. Good to know I can generate unlimited traffic over this line. Not that I ever came close to the 5Gb a month. But because my server is located behind this ADSL line I was monitoring this line quite often. This is no longer neccesary ;-)


Last friday I received an email from Google. I had almost forgotten that I had requested an Gmail account, but suddenly, an invitation arrived. So now I do not only have a Gmail account with 1 Gb of storage. But I also have the option of sending 50 invitations to people I know who would like to have a Gmail account as well.


Altough I've begun using PHP products on my own server for various tasks, I did not have any programming experience with PHP myself. So I decided to try and build something with PHP. It all started with a plugin for xmms. This plugin "Song Change" enables you to run a program/script upon a song change. So now I've build a php-site with a MySQL backend to register songs played in xmms on my internal network. The result can be viewed here. For an old C hacker this really was good old fun to hack something together in PHP.

ADSL update done

Wednesday arround 11 am I received a mail from my Cronjob which monitored the ADSL-Modem that the connection speed changed. Now I can download those Debian packages a bit faster ;-)

Faster Connection coming up

My site is run on a small Linux server at my home and is connected to the internet through an ADSL line. After some rumours circulating on the net, KPN finally announced that they are going to upgrade all connections in the Netherlands. My "cheap" link to the world will be going up to 800/256 kbit. But not that many visitors will notice the difference I guess. Viewing full-res pictures on my galleries will probably still be slow...

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