My home network

ADSL speed upgraded

Today I powercycled my ADSL-modem. On I saw that it was sometimes required to restart the modem to recieve the new speed. Weeks ago I already noticed that the Line-Sync speed had gone up, but until my powerrecycle I did not get my upgrade. Now my ADSL-connection should be at 1500/256 kbit/s which helps while downloading Debian upgrades.

Firefox 1.5 out

Surf the web safer and faster with:

Its my favorite browser anyway...

Playing with network stats

When I was a customer at Cistron they had some simple stats to give their customers an idea of the total bandwidth used. Now that they've been taken over by xs4all these statistics have gone. But the program they used is quite simple. I've now set up my own page which shows the use of some network links on my main server. I know there are a lot of newer and better programs than MRTG but I like the simple and clean design which suits my needs just fine.


Yesterday I received the beamer which we are going to use in our church. I'm really looking forward to see this thing in use coming sunday. Marijn already configured a notebook with software for displaying the songs.


Just before the birth of Sara I got myself a Canon CP-400 photoprinter. It can be connected directly to my EOS 350D (and a lot of other digital cameras) and the quality is really good. Later I probably will see if I can make a direct comparision between a picture printed with the CP-400 and a picture printed in a photo-lab. Another thing I have to try out is to see if there is a driver for this kind of printers available on Linux.

Returned Mail

Some spammer used random email-adresses from to send spam to half the world promoting some stupid pills. Now I get a lot of bounces! Email adresses that no longer exist etcetera. If only mailservers would start using the SPF-records I publish for, this would not happen at all.

Photo backups

Since I have an EOS 350D I produce quite a lot of data. I used to backup the photos using an old Yamaha 4x SCSI External CD-Writer. I really had to be very patient and do nothing else on the machine while writing the CD.
This was taking to long and I had been looking for an alternative quite some time. I didn't want to backup my pictures on a DVD because of the problems I keep hearing about degrading DVDs which are no longer readable after some time. CDs have this problem as well, but seem to keep their data much longer as burned DVDs. But when I started looking for a new drive I noticed that the price difference between a CD-Writer and a DVD-writer is not that big. So I could not resist the temptation and got myself a DVD-writer.

Knowledge from the Past

These days, life is simple... compared to the old (Dos/Windows) days anyway. Yesterday I had someone visiting me with an old notebook he wanted to sell. The old Dell was getting really slow and he now owned a new notebook. So he wanted to reinstall the old Windows 98 on this notebook...
Only problem he had was that the notebook did not boot from the CD. It would boot from the diskdrive, but his Windows version was on a CD. The notebook was equiped with only one bay for the CD or the diskdrive. But how could he start from de startdisk and then switch to CD?
I helped him format the Harddisk, move the CD-driver stuff to the harddisk and boot from the harddisk with the cd-drive in the bay. Then we could install windows.

New site design

Been busy today brainstorming about a new site I want to build. Should be able to create the SQL-DB soon and start writing the first few PHP-scripts. I'll post a link as soon as the site is ready for some beta-testing.

Release 3.0

People comming from have probably noticed that we received our third daughter yesterday. I didn't have much time to publish some pictures, but they will start to appear in her gallery

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